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European Dermatology Forum



According to our bylaws, you need to follow the following formal process:

  • Prospective member should be proposed and seconded by members of the EDF  
  • The proposer and seconder should be from different European countries.  
  • The proposer needs to provide a short (ca. 150 words) supporting statement that includes:
    - the nominee's standing in and contribution to dermatology both nationally and internationally;
    - his/her research, education and clinical service strengths;
    - and the expertise and added value they would bring to the EDF.  
  • Nominee needs to provide a current curriculum vitae.

The aforementioned information should be sent by email to the Chairman of the EDF Membership Committee,
Professor Véronique del Marmol, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After you have provided Professor V. del Marmol with the above documents, Prof. del Marmol will propose the new members to
the EDF Board of Directors.

15 May at the latest for the June EDF Board Meeting and 15 December at the latest for the Annual Meeting and Board Meeting of the
following year (January).

Once accepted, the new member must activate his/her membership by participating in the EDF Annual Meeting of the following year.

An important condition for continued membership in the EDF is that members attend at least one meeting every 3 years.

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